Why New Dhading Boarding School ?

New Dhading Boarding School is a well known English Medium School established in 2065 BS. As ou motto "Education for knowledge, humantiy and development", we have been trying to explore quality as well as behavioural education and to uplift the education status of Dhading. We have applied our knowledge with child psychology to each and every student. Our aim is to prepare child centered environment. In order to develop the ability of competence, performance, confidence and proper environment to challange the outer world, We are providing them enthusiasm and encouragement by learning their clumsy walk and their innocent bubbling talk. we don't focus them only on classroom activities and text-books but also, we provide them open space for games and sports, stages for their opinion and creation. We have been providing innovative education and we believe that education fosters skill, power and knowledge, our wish is make them honest, obedient, kind and bold and able to face the challenges, secure and retain their identity.

Co-Curricular Activities

An curricular activity is an activity that falls outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school, college or university education.

Our Academic Policy:

Academic policies and procedures allow students to clearly understand their rights and responsibilities.

Scholarship and Awards:

A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria.

Our Achievements

A achievement of school on ECA and Academic sector where school is being recognised interms of education and specific circular activities.

Strong rules and regulation

Rules aim to make each student aware of the value of self-control, orderliness and the need to cultivate a sense of responsibility for their own

Excellent Teaching Faculty

The classroom provides on a basis constructive and objective feedback to students finds unique and creative ways to connect students.

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